Art 3 Final Reflection

Most Successful 

 My most successful project is "Off Toadin'" which I made for the Apex Art show in the Halle Cultural Arts center. I enjoyed pushing myself to "add more value" and get out of my comfort zone with the colors. One of the hardest parts was adding the texture on the toad which in the end, really enhanced the overall look of the piece. I thought it was interesting that although this drawing is a depiction of nature and outdoors, there was virtually no green used in the piece which is partly due to peers encouraging me to leave the background as the plain brown paper.

Least Successful

My least successful project was the 'Tension' project which was the first one we did this semester. I didn't think outside of the box and ended up just drawing something with colored pencil that didn't look very good and had poor composition. I should have used this project to explore new mediums or get out of my comfort zone. If I were to re-do this project, I might have used photography as a medium to capture a tense moment such as the look of two people's eyes in a staring contest.

Favorite Medium

My favorite medium by far is colored pencil because it allows me to draw with precision while I am still able to mix colors and blend like when using paint. Also, at the end of the year, I made a colored pencil piece with white pencils on black paper which I really enjoyed because I had to emphasize the light values rather than the dark values on a normal colored pencil piece.

My biggest regret about this semester is limiting myself to colored pencil as medium. I wish I would have explored new mediums because I may have found a new favorite one. A few mediums I would have like to tried are watercolor, stenciling, and mixed-media/collage.

Favorite Sketchbook Warm-up

My favorite sketchbook warmup taught me about movement. Mr. Sands told us to draw any object, which I chose to draw a brick in pencil. Then he told us to make it look like it was moving. I had never been challenged to do that so it was interesting. I made the straight lines on the brick into wavy ones, kind of like and American flag blowing in the wind. I liked looking around to see what other students had done to make their object have movement. (Sketchbook at home- no picture)

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