Sunday, January 11, 2015

#7 Self-Portrait

I used one of my senior pictures as my Self-Portrait. I also decided to try a new medium, charcoal pencils. It was challenging to try charcoal but it was fun in the end.

 I had to try several papers because none of them were blending the way I wanted them to. My skin ended up looking a bit splotchy but that goes along with the charcoal look. I struggled layering the charcoal to get the very dark values. I also struggled with the shape of my face and facial features. Drawing people is not my strength but this is the best face I have drawn. I flipped my paper over many times to make sure the lines and placement were in the right spot.

I added prisma color pencils for a pop of color with the ice-cream cone. Who wants to eat gray ice-cream? It was hard to get the right blue with a limited number of pencils.

In the end, I am pleased with this self portrait and it encourages me to try drawing people again.

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