Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Appropriation Project: Final Snapshot

Artists Collaborate
Throughout this project, I used the help of other artists to help decide on composition and value tweaks. I experiemented with the shade of the background and the placement of the hills in order to make the unicorn stand out as much as possible. Also, the art teachers helped me crop the piece, and this is the result. 

Artists communicate through their work
This drawing reveals a little bit about my personality. If you talk to my friends, they will tell you that I am always making puns and corny jokes. I want this piece to encourage others to have more fun with their art.

Artists Reflect
Throughout the project I stopped many times to analyze what I was drawing. I frequently checked the pictures I was using to make the unicorn look like a real animal and make the hills look realistic.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Text in Art

I have always loved seeing 3D art installations in museums so i thought using text in an installation would be interesting. This sketch depicts my idea for an installation of 3D lips speaking in small letters of which are hanging from small strings. This peice is meerly an absract representation of speech and language.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Appropriation Project: Snapshot

Artists Think Creatively
When presented with examples of Appropriation in class, my mind immediately went to my Art I class. In my Art 1 class, my table became really good friends and we had lots of inside jokes. Inspired by a youtube video of a singing and dancing banana, the bananacorn was created. I sketched it the magical creature out just for laughs. 
I used this idea to branch off of for my appropriation project. I decided to make a uniCORN with a corn cobb horn instead of a banana horn for a play on the word itself. 

Artist Develop Art Making Skills and Take Risks
Although i stuck to a familiar medium for this project, there was still room to learn new things. I chose to use a 'fancier' brand of colored pencils than the standard crayola ones I normally use, which at first was a bit intimidating to me. These pencils were a little bit different to work with because they force me to use layers of color starting at the lightest value to acheive the desired hue. I was also able to blend colors using the blending pencil that is the same brand as the other pencils. 
Another new technique that I used was to was using tracing paper to decide the layout and composition of my piece. After trial and error i decided where i wanted my backround to fall into place and was able to begin shading the backround behind the unicorn. Overall, i took a risk trying to create the piece in a realistic manner despite the fact that it depicts a mystical creature.