Wednesday, January 14, 2015

#11 Pet Portrait

I waited to do this project because I didn't know which medium I wanted to use. I decided that there weren't enough colors to work with (and I am tired of colored pencils for now) so I chose to work in black and white. Here is a peice I made in Art 2 in pen. 
 I ventured from colored pencils and stippling and stuck with just drawing pencils. I was able to create a lot of shades in the fur similar to in stippling. My favorite parts are the ears, the paw and the tail. As you can tell between the bottom two pictures, I had to adjust the proportions of the face completely. To draw the right edge of his face, I turned the picture upside-down. Once I finished the dog, I decided to add a shadow underneath it. I felt that adding the pillow would make more sense because you can tell that his head and ear is resting on it. 

Even though this is my last art project of high school, I plan to keep making art and growing as an artist. Art 4 has been a great opportunity to make a lot of peices I am proud of and develop my art skills. 

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