Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Perspective Concept

Our group consists of Carrie, Alayna, Ashley, Elora, Jay, and Joseph. Theres a wide range of ideas and drawing styles which makes it a great group for our concept. We are going to use chalk to make a one point perspective peice on a brick wall outside of the courtyard. It will look like a free expression tunnel with graffiti and doodles. Here is a rough sketch of the concept: 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time's Up on the Time Project

In a matter of a few minutes, I toasted 6 pieces of bread, pulling them out one by one to get the desired coloring. This project did not take a lot of time to make but it took a lot of precision to get the final product looking good.
 I am pleased with the result of this project. The layout shows the progression the peice of bread took over time in the three steps. One thing i would change is the color of the jelly which is too close to the background although this makes the bread seem to disappear throughout the steps. The dark jelly makes the peice look like the phases of the moon while red jelly would look more like conventional toast.