Friday, January 9, 2015

#8 Snowy Landscape

I struggled deciding which landscape to create and what medium to use. I chose to paint this picture from my neighborhood the last time it snowed. I used oils because I thought that would be the best medium to use in creating the trees and the smooth water.
 I used a blue acrylic wash to get a blue tint to show through the snow and sky. I struggled with keeping the grays the same color throughout the water and the trees. Some of the water got tinted and it became too yellow. 

The photo doesnt do the painting justice, it looks brighter and more blue in person. The finished result was not to my standards. The dirtiness of the grays in the water really bothers me and I also do not like the texture that I created for the trees on the left. The bushes, trees, and branches were the hardest areas to paint because the branches were so thin and the leaves are so small. There is plenty of room for improvement in my painting skills, particularly brush strokes and details. 

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