Monday, September 29, 2014

Oil Paint Apples

This is the first painting I have done with oil paints. I really like how smooth the paint is able to be applied and how easily the colors mixed. The highlights were also easy to apply with the opaque white and the colors were really bright. 

This apple was made with oils as well but I used a palette knife to apply the paint. It turned out better than I thought it would with using a palette knife but I still prefer the smooth texture of the other apple using the brushes. 

Overall, I am excited to use this new medium to paint this cake and teacup as my everyday object.

#1 Representative Reflection Piece

     Initially, I thought I would never come up with a concept for drawing a reflection that says something about myself. During that class period I thought and thought and could not come up with any ideas. Walking to homeroom that day, I saw the bus window reflection of the track. The stadium and track at Apex high holds so many memories for me from football games to powderpuff to countless track meets. The next day I took several pictures as references and this was my favorite. 
     The hardest part of drawing this was all of the lines. There were so many angles and straight lines that I had to draw to depict the bus. I discovered from this project that my strength is drawing more natural shapes and curved lines. I also had to strengthen a lot of colors that weren't there. For example, the trees in the back were almost black in the picture but I added more green to it in my drawing. I also used A LOT pf layers to make it easier to blend colors and to draw in details later.

I also struggled with blending the colors once I started adding dark colors. After I was done, I realized that one of my black pencils was a different brand than prisma color which made all of the dark areas hard to blend. Here is the finished result. It is not my favorite piece but I am pleased with it. I need to work on creating straight lines and being crisp with contrasting colors.