Saturday, March 22, 2014

Toast Takes Time

Making food takes time, so to use time as an element in my artwork, I will show the progression of the toast making process. This is a fairly original idea although step by step instructions on how to make food are popular. Also, I have seen videos of food eaten bite by bite. I will try my best to make the finished product look unique by combining these two things into one peice. Here is my sketch: 

I decided to make the peice using a new medium for myself of preparing food and photographing it. I will also use photoshop at the end to compile the images and adjust the final piece. I am not too familiar with using photoshop so I I will have to use my peers for guidance. It will be difficult to make the the slices of the bread toast evenly and gradually to show the element of time but if I can over come that, the peice will be really interating.