Monday, October 27, 2014

#3 Interesting Interior: Colored Pencils

For my interesting interior peice, I went with the food theme again. I chose to draw the inside of a takeout bag with a burger and fries. Because of all of the detail, I strayed away from paints and chose to draw it with colored pencils. It was pretty challenging to draw in the first place because of all of the lines and natural shapes. It took a while to get the values dark enough to look like the interior of the bag. Some of the brown paper was showing through so one of the last things I did to the drawing was to add some light blue to the bag to give it some dimension. I am pleased with the depth that I was able to create with the valued. It ended up turning out great! 
(I couldn't find the final picture, this is about half way done)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

#2 Object: Oil Paints

I am always interested in drawing and painting food because of its interesting shapes and colors. Since I wanted to paint cupcakes with oils, I went to Fresh Market because they always have beautiful desserts. Instead of picking out a cupcake I was drawn to a raspberry bar cake with white icing. I bought it (along with some sushi as a backup project) to bring home to photograph. My dad helped me take pictures of the cake but it looked like a boring composition so I added a simple but beautiful teacup. This is the final photo reference. I chose to use purple as the background to make the whites and yellows pop. 
I enjoyed working with oils because i could get so many values out of the paints while keeping a smooth texture. The hardest part was getting all the details in. Using a very small brush allowed me to do a lot more clean lines and small details. My last step in painting was adding some final highlights. The hardest part of this painting was differentiating the icing in the cake from the actual cake. I did the best I could and pushed the values a little more than I was comfortable with.

 I am really proud of this painting and was excited to find out that it was put in the fair!